January 12

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  • 1999 - M-I-C ... See what we have for sale? - Hagen Joergensen, Denmark's consumer ombudsman, squared off against Disney and its Web site on this date, charging that the site is a thinly disguised marketing tool aimed at children and thus violates Danish law. Joergensen insisted that much of what appeared on the Disney site amounts to "hidden advertisements" for Disney products -- something went against the Danish Marketing Practices Act which bars "sales promotions addressed to, or likely to influence children." It would seem that Disney was grooming kids, as only a gigantic cartoon mouse can. Pedos have long studied their ways of influencing children's decision making.[1]
  • 2001 - Would that be a pedo file? - Dary Byczek went on trial on this date on multiple charges, including hate crime charges, brought against him at the behest of four lesbians who lived on property adjoining Mr. Byczek's rural acreage. Mr. Byczek was charged with two counts of disorderly conduct for uttering several profane words at his neighbors whom he said provoked him by video taping his children and also fondling each other in front of the Byczek children. He was charged with trespassing for simply driving up his neighbors' driveway in an attempt to talk with them and he was charged with hate crimes because he put up a sign saying, "All lesbians will go to hell" and because of profane comments about lesbians. Oddly, during the trial, a file was found under a chair in the courtroom containing hard-core homosexual pornography, a newsletter and other material from NAMBLA, and information on various gay youth organizations with which the owner of the file appeared to be deeply involved. The file also contains various pieces of correspondence bearing its owner's name who, it turned out, was a member of the University of Wisconsin faculty. There is also a letter which appears to connect another University of Wisconsin faculty to the pedo world. What was not clear was just whose side this professor was on in the case and why he had such material in the courtroom.[1]
  • 2001 - Is that KP or just a new Prince song title? - It was announced on this date that Criminal investigators in Germany were looking into the possibility that online file-swapping services such as Napster, Gnutella, and MyNapster were making it easier for pedos to trade child pornography over the Internet. The investigation surfaced when the online German publication Computer Channel reported the allegations. The magazine claimed that research by its editorial staff turned up "files with a pornographical file name that are offered through firms like MyNapster or Gnutella" and that these files were readily available for download from the music exchange sites. Neither Gary Glitter nor Pete Townshend were available for comment on the story.[1]
  • 2001 - Why every pedo should learn hacking skills - On this date it was reported that Web surfers could browse through files and directories they shouldn't be able to see because of a security vulnerability at several sex offender registry Web sites. Nine online state sex offender registries had inadequate computer security and easily could have been hacked, an MSNBC.com investigation found. And in two states, more general criminal records databases also were found to be insecure. The flaws put Web site data at risk and raised the possibility that a computer intruder could add or remove people from the online versions of the databases. Excited hacker/pedos responded to the news by first removing their names from the vulnerable registries, then adding the names of everyone in the criminal justice system who had fucked them over in the past.[1]




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