January 2

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  • 1997 - That's about two days for each offence - On this date former junior hockey coach Graham James pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting former NHLer Sheldon Kennedy and another player more than three hundred and fifty times. James spent almost two years in jail and was banned for life from coaching. It has been widely speculated that NHL star Theoren Fleury was also involved with James. Police say they believe there are other victims who haven't come forward because they are too embarrassed to come forward. Or it just might be that they enjoyed the experience. James has, to this day, maintained that his relationships were all consensual. James now lives in Spain, where he coaches boys' hockey once again. The families of the boys he coaches know of his convictions. The AOC in Spain is 12.[1]
  • 2000 - Closer than the Philippines and cheaper than Thailand - The Washington Post reported on this date that "the sexual exploitation of girls and boys, largely by American men, has reached alarming proportions in Central America." This was backed up by the information that there were no statistics whatsoever on the extent of child prostitution in the region. One man who admitted to paying parents to have sex with their young teenage daughters said, "I am living out a fantasy ... and nobody looks like they have a real problem with it." [1]
  • 2002 - Just think of where those hands have been - The Seattle Weekly reported on this date of a program in Washington at the Twin Rivers Corrections Unit that had pedos who were participants in the state's Sex Offender Treatment Program packaging Nintendo GameBoy games for children for Christmas. One prisoner commented that he thought parents would be disturbed to know that their child's GameCube was packaged by a pedo. I mean, who knows what little "extras" he might add! [1]




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