Text of the BoyChat Webmaster statement of 3 July 2001

From BoyWiki

We are pleased to announce that BoyChat and BoyLinks are once again online.

What happened was this: A complaint that our content was illegal was sent to our upstream provider's host, who contacted our upstream provider and asked them to turn off the two sites until the legal standing of the material was verified. Our provider cooperated and asked Free Spirits to turn off the sites in question. In the interests of maintaining a good long-term relationship with our ISP, Free Spirits cooperated as well and turned off the sites.

What has been determined is that the material is not illegal and is therefore not the responsibility of our ISP's upstream provider. The decision whether to host Free Spirits' services therefore falls to our ISP.

Our ISP has agreed to host Free Spirits as long as our content remains legal.

Posted by Ford Prefect