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The Terrorists Attack
The fall of Young City and Enchanted Island
by Staff Writer - March 24, 2018


Beginning in the early months of 2018, a numbers of illegal attacks took place against BL related websites by individuals and groups that have yet to be identified. Gone are Young City and Enchanted Island. Free Spirits also came under attack, including Boy Chat and BoyWiki from DDoS attacks (Direct Denial of service). Other sites were brought down by false complaints and threats made against their internet service providers, which would have required lengthy and costly legal battles to fight. When these sorts of attacks take place against the government, corporations and other organizations, a number of different government agencies mobilize to investigate, protect, and prevent these attacks, including Homeland Security. Where is our protection? Who is defending our rights to free speech and to peaceably assemble (albeit via the internet)? The answer to these questions is of course obvious, nobody is going to help us because even for the champions of civil liberty, justice and fair play, the repercussions and retaliations for even saying “this is not right” are frightening and severe beyond all measures of reason and more than most people and organizations can surmount.

For the government and legal system, we are considered a criminal class and therefore have no right to protection under the law. We are simply an evil to be combated even if it is through illegal means via terrorism and mob violence. When the government turns a blind eye to the criminal acts regularly perpetrated against us, they are in essence giving permissions for these terrorists to engage in their destructive behavior and violate all norms of decency and stomp on those basic rights which once were proclaimed to be, “self-evident”.

The loss of Young City and Enchanted Island is a blow to our community, no doubt. Kermie, one the founders of Enchanted Island was an extraordinary man with an exceptional vision for a bright future for us all and the loss of his legacy is disheartening to many of us who shared his hopes and dreams for that elusive “better world”. However, these types of losses are not new to us as a community and have played out in one way or another numerous times over the last 20 years. They attack and we endure. There have been those who in their anger and frustration have called for violence but this has never been our way. We endure and rebuild. It is indisputable that we are not going away nor are we going gentle into that good night. We are not criminals and we don’t have a malady. This is simply who we are and the majority community is going to have to learn to deal with us in a more civil and appropriate way. They don’t have to love us or like us but we demand that our human rights and civil liberties not be routinely violated and that we receive equal protection under the law.

So now due to these terrorist acts against us, we have to bid farewell to Young City and Enchanted Island, old friends who we will miss. But this is not the end and it never will be.