January 28

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  • 1754 - The bard knows - teens dig love and sex - William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet made its Broadway debut on this date at the New Theatre. The text clearly identifies Juliet as being 13, but is vague on Romeo's age. Many scholars speculate he is likely around 18, making this a pedo romance. If, as the pedophobes prefer to think, Romeo was a similar age to Juliet, it is still a play of significance to pedos. It is noteworthy a play has come to define what it means to be in love with characters who marry and who consummate marriage has such young people as its stars. It is a play confirms the sexual and romantic nature of teens, and how it can be normal to place them in a world treats them as having adult responsibilities and capabilities.[1]
  • 1833 - "Grooming" sometimes means bathing and teaching - Lord and General, Charles George Gordon was born in London England on this date. He had no time for women and instead devoted six years of his life to caring for boys living in poverty in London. He said, "How far better to be allowed to be kind to a little scrub than to govern the greatest kingdoms." His dream was to retire into a monastery and establish a refuge for poor Syrian boys, to whom he would teach the Christian faith and "something useful to them in the world." His love for boys lead him to live a life in their service.[1]
  • 1997 - Talk about being in denial! Yikes! - A CNN report on this date featured Michael Sheehan, Archbishop of the Diocese of Santa Fe. In three years he had removed 20 priests and settled 165 clergy sex-abuse cases, leaving his diocese nearly broke. Sheehan replaced disgraced Archbishop Robert Sanchez, who resigned after accusations of sexual misconduct. Sanchez said in a deposition he didn't know sexual abuse was a crime. The report did not say just what he did think sexual abuse was.[1]
  • 2000 - Is "Teletubbies" or "Teletitties"? - TV regulators in the Philippines sharply rebuked a Manila station on this date for showing a still picture of a seminude actress during a telecast of the Teletubbies. Although the station protested the broadcast was an accident, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board warned it planned to impose stiff penalties if another such incident were to occur. Felecitas Alejandro, a member of the Board, said she was shocked when the bare-breasted picture of actress Rosanna Roces appeared for some 8 seconds during the Teletubbies broadcast. "The program is for children," she said. An official of the station, GMA Network, said the photograph was broadcast when an employee who was repairing a computer accidentally pressed the wrong button. Rumor has it disappointed kids wrote hundreds of letters - in crayon - to demand more topless women in future episodes.[1]
  • 2002 - The Senator doth protest too much - The Irish Examiner published a story on this date in which Senator David Norris rejected suggestions he defends pedos, underage sex and incest. He was responding to abuse victims' outrage at his comments in an interview with Magill magazine in cases of underage sex, consent should be taken into account. He said he did not mean to minimize the effect on victims of being fondled by adults, but he did say "I am not saying it's acceptable, but I think there's a qualitative difference between somebody who puts their hand in a child's pocket and someone who abducts, rapes and murders a young child." He added, to explain his comments about men initiating boys in sex, "The point I was making was about classical Greece, if I was 17 in classical Greece, with a lad of 24, who knows what would have happened." In defense of his comments on incest he said, "The only thing I said about incest was it's particularly serious when a girl can get pregnant," leaving one to wonder if he thinks it not serious if pregnancy does not occur. the Senator's staff spent the next week issuing daily clarifications of the previous day's clarifications of the previous day's comments.[1]




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