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Update 8-20-16: YoungCity is now back online at https://www.youngcity.org/
Update 4-24-18: YoungCity is now defunct. see: The Terrorists Attack
Update 10-4-16: BoyMoment.com is back online
When Boards Go Down
News icon.jpg by Dragonlover - August 3, 2016

So what happened to Young City and Boy Moment?

Over the past several months, we have been saying, “where did this board go?”, and “where did that board go?” It seems to me that the Boylove boards are dropping like flies. In the past 2 months we have lost Boy Moment to a server issue and Young City, where someone allegedly took off with the site's money; money to keep the site up and running. I say allegedly because those accusations are as of this writing not confirmed. And to be quite honest, it does not look like Young City will be returning any time soon.

I was a member on Young City. I even worked there as a Moderator for a good while. We had a great staff there, but when things got busy for me with the inception of Enchanted Island, I resigned. I very rarely ever went back there. Just to contact the management there for things. And Boy Moment. I made a lot of friends there, and now many of them are on the Island. To be frank, I never thought I would see the day when either of those two boards would be gone. They were there long before I joined my first BL board in 2012. And, I have nothing but good memories of both Young City and Boy Moment. I am truly saddened to see them go, and so suddenly. To many Boy/Girl/Childlovers, these boards constitute a second home. If they are not at their jobs, they are on one or more of the boards. And now, two of those boards are gone. People’s “homes” have given up the ghost. Immediately after the shutdown of these boards, we on Enchanted Island noticed a flux of new members, supposedly from YC or BM. People of our persuasion need a place to hang out. Its too dangerous to try and arrange a meet and greet anywhere, so we are pretty much confined to the BL boards, qTox or Skype. Sure, we might arrange to meet someone in real life somewhere. I have done that. I once met a regular member of Boyland Online and Enchanted Island in real life. And we had an awesome time together, touring the city in which I live. It was also a learning experience. But I digress.

The closing down of BL/GL/CL boards seems to be all the rave these days. And we need to step up and show some support to the boards that do remain. We should visit often. We should post in the forums and talk in the chat boxes, so that people can get to know us. We should also participate in anything a board may be doing, like a party or a contest. That demonstrates support. Even just saying hi in the shoutbox is something. For the most part, I think, we are all friends online. Some of us were fortunate enough to meet others like us in society. I do feel, at some point we will be accepted as a sexual orientation, like being gay or straight. I also feel that we may even be accepted in public; not viewed as monsters, but as human beings. Human beings with feelings, emotions and desires just like the rest of society. Will it happen in my lifetime? Maybe, maybe not. But all we can do is pray that one day we will be accepted, or at the very least, tolerated. The boards are a springboard. We have our own online societies. We care about each other. We support each other. We love each other. And as long as LEO or the antis continue to hate us, we can rest in knowing that we at least have each other.