March 10

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  • 1996 - The personification of moxie, or just nothing to lose by trying this gambit? - In Illinois a pedo challenged a federal program to combat on-line child pornography on this date by claiming his rights have been infringed. Bruce Black, a former Boy Scout worker charged with circulating on-line child pornography, claimed the FBI was infringing on his privacy and free speech rights with its anti-porn program, "Operation Innocent Images." His lawyer, who admitted that Black enjoys looking a pictures of young boys having sex, said prosecutors wanted to punish his Black for indulging his fantasies. Black got little help from sectors of the on-line community defending free speech and privacy rights. Stanton McClandish of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a free speech rights organization, said, "We certainly don't have a problem with the police investigating people for child porn."[1]

  • 1997 - Maybe there is a party pedos can support - The American Libertarian Party issues a press release on this date calling for the complete legalization of pornography. "Legalizing sexually explicit material should be one way to satisfy every American," said Steve Dasbach, national chairman of the Libertarian Party. "Ironically, people who oppose pornography would get more of what they want - less pornography - without interfering with the rights of others. Of course, there are better reasons to repeal all laws against movies, books, and magazines, starting with the First Amendment. In a free society, most adults are angered by the thought of politicians censoring their books and movies. It's not the government's job to play Siskel & Ebert with a gun." The release also cited Dr. Richard Green, founder of the International Academy of Sexual Research, as reporting that sex crimes fell 67% in Denmark after sexually explicit material was legalized there. More recently, Dr. Green has argued that pedophilia is not a mental disorder at all and called for it to be removed from DSM.[1]




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