March 29

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  • 1994 - Can you get a merit badge for intolerance? - The Boy Scouts of America don't like gay people much, so they made a rule that said "no poofters." That decision was challenged, and on this date a California court of appeal ruled that the Boy Scouts are not a business and thus can discriminate against gays all they want. Subsequent to this decision, many people began to demand that the Scouts not be allowed to use any public facilities, like schools, so long as they maintained this policy.[1]
  • 1998 - A more realistic look at the men behind the myths - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published a column on this date featuring four pedos. Before telling the stories of how each man abused children, the article introduces them this way: "They agreed to be interviewed because they want people to understand that not all sex offenders are monsters, although they have all done monstrous things. They cannot guarantee they will never reoffend. They only ask that you consider their individual struggles before judging the condition of their souls." The implication that even a person who has molested children might not be a monster and deserves to be viewed with humanity and sympathy is a view all too infrequently expressed in the media.[1]
  • 2002 - Redrawing the boundaries - A gay publication called the Washington Blade published an article on this date that declared in it's title that "Priest abusers were gay, not pedophiles." The article went on to claim that since most of the offenses that priests had been charged with involved teenage boys that they were the acts of normal gay men, not those of what could properly be called "pedophiles." the author also defended pederasty as a legitimate sub-category of homosexuality, not of pedophilia.[1]




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