March 5

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  • 1997 - Not a pretty picture - FBI made several arrests and searched 120 homes nation-wide, concluding a two-year investigation into the use of America On-Line to distribute child pornography and arrange sex with children. FBI agents in Baltimore first became involved in the investigation in 1993 while attempting to find 10-year-old George Stanley Burdynski, who was abducted from his Brentwood, Maryland, neighborhood. Burdynski was never found, but the investigation led to the discovery that both adults and juveniles were routinely using computers to transmit images of children aged two to 13 showing frontal nudity or sexually explicit conduct. The operation was called "Operation Innocent Images." As of this date, the "Innocent Images" investigation had generated 200 search warrants, 40 consent searches, 81 indictments, 91 arrests, and 83 felony convictions.[1]
  • 1999 - Paying money for sex ... uh ... sex research, that is. - The Indiana legislature was in mid-debate on this date about whether to defund its famous Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. The issue was largely centered on accusations that Kinsey's sex research was "fraudulent" because it was allegedly based on his team's solicitation and use of pedos as child sexuality experts. One critic claimed that "the discredited Kinsey Institute staff and alumni, together with a cadre of admitted pedophiles and pederasts, control the field of sexology." Ultimately, the legislature decided to continue funding the sex perverts anyway.[1]
  • 2001 - If the pedos stop coming, the economy could suffer. - The World Tourism Organization received its first ever grant - a million euros worth - from the European Union on this date to support the growing campaign against child sexual tourism. Part of the funding was earmarked for strengthening WTO's own activities under the auspices of the Child Prostitution and Tourism Task Force. Another part of the money was, apparently, to offset the loses in tourism dollars that would result from a successful campaign.[1]
  • 2002 - How about "The Ten Foot Poll" Act? - The State of Washington decided that they needed to make sure that no pedo gets within touching distance of a child any way they could. So they came up with "An Act Relating to leaving a child with a sex offender." They Act, passed by the Washington Senate 46-0 on this date and 94-0 by the House of Representatives subsequently, made it a crime for a person legally responsible for a child to leave that child in the care of someone they know to be a registered sex offender. The law made it a crime for a mother to leave her 15 year old son in the care of the boy's father if he had conviction for looking at pictures of naked 16 year old girls. Hey, you never know who those sickos might rape![1]




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