March 20

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  • 43 - A poet with a lack of imagination, it seems - The legendary Roman poet Ovid was born on this date. His most well know writing, Metamorphoses, made some reference to the love between Zeus and Ganymede, but Ovid was not a supporter of pederasty. He wrote, "Odi concubitus qui non utrumque resolvant." ("I strongly dislike intercourse which does not give release to both partners.") This, his reason for opposing pederasty, has been laughed at by generations of pedos and kids who know that mutual release is possible ... if you do it right.[1]
  • 1990 - Love can not be denied - A 19-year-old young man named Stephen was interviewed on this date for an article written by Ralph Underwager and Hollida Wakefield called "Interview With Three Boys." the article was published in the IPT-Forensics Journal in 1992. He spoke in detail about the sexual relationship he had begun when he was only 11-years-old with a man. he said, "We played games sometimes, for example, helicopter. I'd sit on Ferdinand's belly and he'd jiggle to and fro and he would say something like, "Wind force ten", or "Wind force one." I would get such a warm feeling inside. It came up in myself, and then everything went along like in any relationship between and man and a woman, for example. The first night that we had a sexual contact, that was a real cuddling session. By cuddling session I mean stroking each other and then Ferdinand sucked me off." He went on to add, "Ferdinand was actually the one who helped me build up my experience and from my side I had sex with Ferdinand for the daring and excitement, but also out of love."[1]
  • 1994 - A pick-up for a pick-up - The Bangkok Post ran a story on this date called "A green harvest of a different kind." The story focussed on how poor farming families would sell of their children at 12 or 13 to work in the cities as prostitutes. The government's solution to the problem was to arrest child prostitutes and deport foreign child prostitutes. the article stated that "the police seem to consider 15 as the minimum acceptable age" for prostitutes. In Thai law at the time, 13 was the legal age of consent if the parents approved and 18 otherwise. This effectively meant that any child of 13 whose parent approved of their being a prostitute violated no law and neither did their client. Often parents would gladly do that in exchange for material goods such as a house or pick-up truck.[1]
  • 1997 - Keeping their finger on the pulse or their foot on the throat? - The American Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention issued a press release on this date proclaiming that all states were making progress in their efforts to protect children from abduction and exploitation. They noted that in the previous three years 11 states had introduced sex offender registries, so all 50 states finally had registries. They noted as a failure that in only 31 states was it a felony to possess child porn - it being only a misdemeanor in the other 19 states. They further reported that 42 states had DNA databanks to match sex offenders to unsolved crimes. It is unclear if they thought this an accomplishment or a disappointment.[1]
  • 2000 - "Snipping, snipping, snipping goes the scissor man..." - On this date Salon published a story about how the Cub Scouts were teaching boys anti-pedo skills. the article was written by a mother of a boy in such a pack. She expressed grave concerns about how the programs designed to teach were succeeding in spreading fear to children unnecessarily. [1]
  • 2002 - 'Legitimate news or tabloid TV?' - In the UK BBC2 announced plans to broadcast what they called a "harrowing documentary about the work of Scotland Yard's paedophile unit." The program was called "The Hunt for Britain's Paedophiles." The show contained an interview with convicted pedo Mark Hansen that was done less than a day before he killed himself. In making the announcement the BBC also said that the show would show actual scenes of a pedo abusing a child. They said that because of the "sensitivity of the material that tapes were kept under lock and key at Scotland Yard."[1]




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