March 7

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  • 2002 - Boys will do boys! - Five fourth-grade boys performed oral sex on one another during class at least twice at a Texas Elementary School. A child in the class told the teacher about the BJs on this date, and the next day they were suspended. In interviews with police, the boys - all ages 9 and 10 - admitted the acts took place the fall of 2001 and again in February, 2002. School officials confirmed that the incidents took place. "It was a dare," Superintendent Dana Marable said. Marable said the acts took place during a free reading time, when everyone in the classroom, including the teacher, is supposed to be reading. The boys had retreated to beanbag chairs in the back of the classroom and were using their coats to hide from the teacher. "The little boys didn't do it in front of the teacher," Marable said. "They hid." The school reacted by suspending the boys for a day and, putting them in alternative classes, and giving them counseling.[1]




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