March 11

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  • 1969 - You say "Fellini" and I say "Fellatio" - Federico Fellini's film Satyricon was released on this date. The story is set in first century Rome. Two student friends, Encolpio and Ascilto, argue about ownership of the boy Gitone, who they both love. They divide their belongings and split up. The boy, allowed to choose who he goes with, chooses Ascilto. Only a sudden earthquake saves Encolpio from suicide. We follow Encolpio through a series of adventures, where he is eventually reunited with Ascilto, and which culminates in them helping a man kidnap a hermaphrodite demi-god from a temple. The god dies, and as punishment Encolpio becomes impotent. We then follow them in search of a cure. The film is loosely based on the book Satyricon by Gaius Petronius Arbiter, the "Arbiter of Elegance" in the court of Nero.[1]
  • 2001 - Mother knows best - Tierney Gearon's photos of her own children on display at the Saatchi gallery in London were confiscated after a raid on the gallery. The pictures showed two naked children (six-year-old Emily and four-year-old Michael) playing on a sun-drenched beach in one and the image of a boy caught having a pee in the snow in another. On this date Gearon denied she was involved in pornography - and expressed astonishment that anyone could think it. The pictures are part of a series of 15 which document her personal family life. Gearon said: "My children are my entire life. My children are beautiful and these are beautiful, innocent pictures. I am immensely proud of my exhibition. I do not accept that I have done anything wrong. My children came to the opening of the exhibition. They were showing people their photographs, smiling, running around and having a great time. They were proud and delighted." The raid was the first on an art gallery since the obscene publications squad seized pictures by John Lennon and others in the late Sixties.[1]




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