March 18

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  • 1893 - Anthem for loved youth - Poet and soldier Wilfred Owen was born on this date. He became famous for his poems "Dulce et Decorum Est" and "Anthem for Doomed Youth." Fellow pedo Benjamin Britten wrote his The War Requiem based on Owen's poems. Owen was a pedo who had relationships with several young boys, including Arthur Newboult. One of his poems (about a boy) begins: "Now, let me feel the feeling of thy hand - / For it is softer than the breast of girls, / And warmer than the pillows of their cheeks." Yep. He was a perv alright.[1]
  • 1974 - Men at work - the group - In the Netherlands under the auspices of the National Centrum voor Geestelijke Volksgezondheid (NCGV - National Center for Mental Health) a special workgroup was formed in 1973 to deal with the possibilities of assistance for pedos. Already existing welfare programs could not handle this issue, as they were not adequately informed about pedophilia. This NCGV workgroup was made up of prominent authorities in various areas such as psychology, criminology, psychiatry, etc. This new group met for the first time on this date in Utrecht. In 1976 they issued a report that said, in part: "The Workgroup is of the opinion that it is incorrect to regard sexual activities with children under 16 as punishable acts, and the Workgroup strongly recommends the repeal of all the sections of the law pertaining to this matter...."[1]
  • 1999 - With that kind of supply, what does that say about the demand? - It was reported in a press release on this date that Egadz - an organization that works with street youth in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - there are about 90 children under 15 involved in the child sex trade in Saskatoon and about 230 between the ages of 15 and 18. Now given the population of Saskatoon at the time, that meant that there was one child prostitute in the city for every 200 adult males and one child prostitute younger than 15 for every 800 adult males. Either a small number of people were very very busy making the rounds with these kids, or the appeal of underage sex is much more significant than some might think.[1]
  • 2001 - The Times, they are a-changing - In London The Sunday Times published an article on this date called "The paedophile bogeyman and the paranoid parents." Author Melanie Phillips reported the story of a businessman on a BA flight who happened to be sitting next to two children and so was asked to move because the airline didn't like men sitting next to unaccompanied minors. He hadn't spoken to them, nor had they made any complaint. It was simply BA's policy to keep men away from children because of the danger of pedos. She commented, "for BA to regard all men as potential paedophiles is to take leave of its collective senses. The number of children sexually assaulted by strangers is infinitesimal. The danger of paedophile assault on a flight is about as likely as the plane being struck by a meteorite." She then went on to decry the levels of pedo hysteria in British society. She noted that "increasing numbers of children are being emotionally or physically neglected by parents who are too selfish or inadequate to look after them properly" and commented that it is "easier to invent a bogeyman than look to deficiencies nearer to home."[1]


March 18, 1893 - Wilfred Owen was a British poet who is famous for works that invoke the horror of war as well as the beauty of boys.



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