March 27

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  • 2000 - What does arresting pedos have to do with peace anyway? - Irish priest, Father. Shay Cullen, was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize on this date. The basis for his nomination was his work with child abuse victims, particularly child street prostitutes. His work resulted in hundreds of children leaving lives as prostitutes and many men being charged and convicted for travelling to foreign countries and having sex with children. The committee decided in the end to give the prize to Kim Dae-Jung, the President of South Korea.[1]
  • 2001 - Big Brother is reading your e-mail - Officers from 25 police forces in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland simultaneously raided 45 homes of people suspected of distributing child pornography over the Internet at 7 a.m. on this date and arrested more than 40 suspected pedos. This followed a four-month investigation into pedo Internet activity focusing on people who distribute and store pictures of children. Police tracked these people using new powers which allowed police to read e-mail messages sent in the UK.[1]
  • 2002 - Grasping at straws? Try the "he's a pedo" gambit! - Bobby White killed his son-in-law, Aaron Ruboyianes, in a Kansas Wal-Mart on this date. At trial he claimed his motive was to prevent him from abusing his grandson. White claimed that he found a picture in Ruboyianes' camera of his then 4-year-old grandson naked, standing next to a man shown only from the torso down, who had an erect penis. His claim was entirely uncorroborated, as he also claimed that he destroyed the picture. There was no other evidence offered that the boy had been abused. Despite that, the judge allowed the allegation to be leveled during the trial against Ruboyianes, who, being dead, was not able to defend himself at all against the charge. White shot Ruboyianes three times just two days after losing custody of the boy to him. The jury saw his smear attempts for what they were, and convicted White of murder.[1]



  • 1625 - An orientation fit for a king - King James I of England (James VI of Scotland) died on this date. When James was fourteen, he fell in love with the French courtier Esmé Stuart-Seigneur d'Aubigny, Earl of Lennox. One clergyman simply said of the relationship that "the Duke of Lennox went about to draw the King to carnal lust." As King, his "best loved minion" was Alexander Lindsay, Lord Spynie, the boy nicknamed "Sandie" whom James appointed as his Vice-Chamberlain. Another boy he loved was Francis Stewart Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell, whom James nonchalantly kissed and embraced in public, causing great scandal. James never had a shortage of men or boys around him throughout his life.[1]


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