March 31

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  • 1992 - Can you write that in Texas? - The Dallas Morning News published an article on this date by Lee Baxandall, the author of a book called World Guide to Nude Beaches. He wrote, "I think that people who are not violent, who are not predatory, but have a problem with their stunted emotional development, they may find some alleviation and some maturing process through being quiet participants where they can see more nudity." He added, "And if it starts out as a sexual thing but they don't act on those sexual feelings - they don't invade anyone through having those feelings - then there's probably no harm done and the person may be healed or partially healed." he wrote this specifically in the context of the issue of pedos who hang out at nudist resorts to look at children. Despite his uninformed opinions about "stunted emotional development" he presented a rather open-minded view of the potential harmlessness or even benefit of voyeuristic pedophilia.[1]
  • 1998 - Who needs facts when you can make up stuff? - In the one year period ending on this date, 192 charges were laid against adults for sex-related offences involving children in Canada. So-called "expert" Jannit Rabinovitch, co-ordinator of a project called "Out from the Shadows and Into the Light," however, reported that the number of offences was much higher - at about 100 per day. She offered no evidence for that assessment. I suppose she just knows ... somehow ....[1]
  • 1998 - It seemed like a good idea at the time ... now, not so much. - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article on this date criticizing the sex offender registry system for pedos. They pointed out that the requirement to register might place such a burden on a pedo that he might decide to go "underground," and thus not less traceable than he would with no registry. They also noted the hysteria effect that could be created by "warning" the public of a sex offender being in their midst, when in fact many such people might be actually quite harmless. Finally, the article noted that the registry laws foster "the dangerous myth that the people who molest children are usually strangers. In fact, statistics show that a great majority of molested children are instead abused by family members or close friends."[1]
  • 2001 - He should have kept them all for himself, I guess - A Brooklyn, New York man was arrested on this date for taking pictures of boys. He represented himself as a modelling photographer and found many many teenaged boys willing to pose both clothed and nude for him. There was no evidence of any boy who was unhappy with the arrangements and no evidence that he abused any of the boys in any way at all. He was busted by cops who pretended to be a 12-year-old boy online. In fact, he was not charged with taking pictures, technically, but because he gave the boys copies of pictures he took of them, he was charged with "disseminating indecent material." None of the boys filed a complaint.[1]
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